Monday, 1 September 2008

ATC swap

As I've been unable to get into blogger recently, I'm just catching up with all my going ons. Over at Auntys forum the last ATC swap was 'cute'. So here is a selection of my cute ATCs. Just hope the ladies like them!!!! I can't wait for the collection to be sent out.
I'm banging my head on my desk AARRRRRGGGGG this dial up is really effecting my peace of mind!!!!
I'll be back later, as I've more to update on here.


  1. Awww now these are cute, I look forward to seeing one in real life, mine are winging there way to Lisa as we speak!

  2. Wow you collection of ATC's looks fabulous Sian - and I am sure everyone will be thrilled with them. ;) :)

    YOu poor thing if you are on dial up - very frustrating..!


  3. Wow stunning Atcs I look forward to receiving one hun WTG xxxx

  4. Just one or two there Sian lol. They look great.


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