Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I've made a card

at long last. It's a card for my brother in law, fingers crossed it will arrive in time for his birthday, so I'd better get off here and go to the post office. It's a very quick card and I'm soooooo grateful to Jo , on her blog she has some free papers to download, I've used one on my card.

Oh, I forgot to say, my darling husband arrived home a couple of hours ago with two big bunches of yellow roses, awwwww isn't he sweet. I'd better make him a card now for tomorrow LOL. Hey ho! no rest for the wicked.

Here is just one of them.


  1. wow how lovley...and romantic.

  2. Lovely card Sian.... and aren't you lucky? 2 bunches of yellow roses. Bedtime story? ;)

  3. Rosie - bedtime story, HA! I'm married now.

  4. Brilliant card Sian, and those flowers are gorgeous. x

  5. yay it worked (the frog) lol

    Gorgeous card and what a lovely hubby you've got!

  6. wow how lucky are you?! 2 bunches of roses?!

    and wtg! great to see the paper used by someone else, so glad that it came in handy for you hunni xx

  7. I love yellow roses and this one's so gorgeous. Your husband sounds really lovely and sweet xx


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